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Our food serving journey takes its roots from our culture. We opened our doors with an intention to introduce our cultural heritage as a family with Azerbaijani origin. Food, flavours, and hospitality are essential parts of our culture, which we love to share with Londoners.

Azerbaijan’s unique geography and location have resulted in a cuisine rich in produce, dairy, and meat, including beef, mutton, fish, and game. However, it’s influenced not just by its own varied ingredients, but the tastes of many peoples travelling along the Silk Road.

The location, which was contended over by many historical kingdoms, khanates, and empires also meant that Azerbaijani cuisine was influenced by the culinary traditions of multiple different cultures, such as Turkic and Eastern European. As a result, Azerbaijani cuisine makes use of many different culinary techniques and ingredients, and it’s full of surprising flavours and combinations!

We take a lot of pride in our food and sense of hospitality, which is usually accompanied by a glass of hot black tea, our national beverage.

With such a diverse cultural heritage, we serve traditional food from not only Azerbaijani cuisine but also Turkic, Arabic and Eastern European cuisines. Either you have origins from those geographies and miss the delicacies of your home, or you just like to try new flavours from around the world, you’re always welcomed at Turan Cuisine.

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Book a Breakfast Table

Azerbaijani / Turkish breakfast is the best way to get your day started anywhere in the world. It’s filling, giving you the energy you need, but light, so you’re not weighed down all day. It’s got a good variety, so the picky eaters can pick and choose what they like and what they don’t.

We offer this traditional breakfast table for Londoners to introduce them to a whole new level of goodness! We serve this breakfast only on weekends, so hurry up and book your table for the weekend!